Hans in ‘t Zandt

'Roger Taylor' performed by

Hans in ‘t Zandt

hans in 't zand

Started out as autodidact, the never ceasing urge to learn about how to make good music his driven Hans to study with Dave Weckl, Bruce Becker and The Los Angeles Music Academy where he was taught by greats like Joe Porcaro, Mike Shapiro and Sherman Fergusson.

Hans’ diversity, versatility and techniques have enabled him to work with producers like Michael Voss, Chris Lausmann, Fred Hendrix, Andy Reilly, Jean-Pierre Kerkhofs, Martin Kronlund to name a few. Hans is driven by a No Guts No Glory attitude and this quest lead him to work with fantastic bands like Terra Nova, Cooper Inc., Vengeance, Bangalore Choir, Praying Mantis and artists like the late
great Jan Somers, his son Timo Somers, Steve Fister, Eric Gales, John Hayes, Marcel Coenen, Curt Mitchell, Barend Courbois, Joop Wolters, David Reece, Tommy Denander, Brynn Arens, doing events like the First en Second European Bass Day and played in support acts to Toto, Joe Satriani, Axl Rudy Pell and Walter Trout, Y&T, among others. An appearance with TVLimburg was also a high light

Over the years Hans has recorded drums for some 45 albums, released world wide….and counting
To be continued….!

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