Ralph Derksen

'Brian May' performed by

Ralph Derksen

Ralph was nine years old when he started playing the guitar. After playing acoustic for two years, he switched to an electric guitar. At the age of thirteen he almost lost the pleasure in playing. He considered quitting until he heard the Guns N’ Roses song Paradise City. That’s when he realized what he wanted to do! From that day on, he practiced six to seven hours a day and developed crazy skills.

From the age of fourteen, Ralph started frequenting jamsessions at “Trianon” and “Merleyn” in Nijmegen. As a result, he learned to improvise and play together with other musicians. At the age of sixteen he started a pre-education at the conservatory, which he stopped after two years.

After working in a metal factory for a year, Ralph took up jam sessions again at the age of nineteen, playing four to five nights a week. He even jammed with Richie Kotzen and got a masterclass from Grammy Award winner Steve Vai!

Between the ages of seventeen and twenty-three, Ralph played in various bands but ( in his own words) nothing that serious. Over the years he kept developing his skills and now he’s ready for the crowd, better than ever before!

This Nijmegen based six-string lover, is truly one solid chunk of musical genius. Every note played just right, Ralph has that characteristic, relaxed style for this gig. He really makes you feel like Brian May is right there on stage in front of you.

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