Geert Horvers

'John Deacon' performed by

Geert Horvers

At the age of ten, when Queen released the album A Night at the Opera, Geert became a member of the Queen fan club. The band has always held a special place in his heart, so joining Queen Must Go On was a dream come true for him.

After Geert started playing the guitar at the age of twelve, he switched to the bass guitar at the age of eighteen and he has not regretted it for a moment. He mainly played in local bands ranging from rock, blues, pop and a little jazz.

After a ten-year hiatus, Geert picked up the bass again. He became active in the music scene of Nijmegen, especially during the fornamed Thursday evening sessions in Trianon. During these sessions he met the other band members, Ward and Ralph. In 2010 Geert became a member of the band Mr Orange, where guitarist Ralph later joined him. Performing with Mr Orange at the opening of a new Crossing Bridge in Nijmegen in 2013 was an exceptional experience.

In 2013, Geert joined the Trianon Top 2000 band, which is locally known for its annual spectacular Christmas show. This was also his first introduction to playing the Queen repertoire: Somebody to Love, Don’t Stop Me Now and even Bohemian Rhapsody were on the playlist.

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